DARTCritics is a project of the Department of Dramatic Arts, founded by Dr. Karen Fricker.  Launched in 2013, the site originated as a practical way for students to train in the art of reviewing, and also sought to bring the artistic community of Brock University and St. Catharines closer together. The website features writing about theatre produced and seen in Niagara, Hamilton, Stratford and Toronto. Please follow DARTCritics as they continue to search for awesome theatre, meeting fascinating artists along the way.

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DARTcritics.com is partially funded by the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, in support of student learning; experiential education; student professionalization; public engagement with the teaching, learning and production activities of the Department of Dramatic Arts; new ways of thinking; and the nurturing of links with our communities.

The opinions expressed by the writers of the DARTcritics.com website are their own.

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  • Waking up, being the change: A weekend of activities around race, power, privilege and theatre
    “Issues of power and privilege – who has it, who doesn’t have it, how is it shared – aren’t specific to institutions; they are being dealt with daily in the professional arts community too. If honest conversations are had in the community, with the intention of learning and creating safe spaces for everyone, then we can prevent...
  • Fluid identities onstage at DART: “The question generation” takes on Woolf and Ruhl’s Orlando
    Contemporary theatre companies are making strides in representing individuals whose voices society has tried to silence, especially those who identify as transgender, or don’t identify with a gender at all. Transgender performance artist Travis Alabanza’s one-person show, Burgerz, has been getting rave reviews around Europe. Two-spirited actor Ty Defoe and non-binary actor Kate Bornstein made headlines...
  • No escape from the past: Moscovich’s story shines in East of Berlin
    Essential Collective Theatre hits the mark in almost every aspect of their production of Hannah Moscovitch’s East of Berlin, but in trying to broach some difficult subject matter, the company may be taking risks with audiences involving a large number of university students. Some issues raised toward the end of the play are where my...