Creative Research

Ecologies of Research and Creation at DART

The research and creation environment at Brock is a rich one for Faculty in the Department of Dramatic Arts. Our core mandate of ‘praxis’ — or the mutual generativity of theorization and practice — affords the context for the pursuit of a broad constellation of creative/research questions, lines of inquiry, as well as a diversity of performative, scenic, and pedagogical practices. Faculty involvement in various artistic, scholarly and learning communities, both regionally and beyond, as well as our graduate teaching and supervision at Brock and elsewhere informs, fuels and enhances our individual creative and scholarly production.

The 2015 Department Strategic Plan highlighted the connections between our Research and Creation and our Teaching and Learning objectives and is available here.

Please see individual faculty profiles for details on specific projects and research/creation pathways.

David Fancy, Professor
Karen Fricker, Associate Professor
Mike Griffin, Lecturer
Joe Norris, Professor Emeritus
Gyllian Raby, Associate Professor
David Vivian, Associate Professor
Danielle Wilson, Associate Professor