Combined major program

Students wishing to major in Medieval and Renaissance Studies must declare a second discipline for a combined major program. For requirements in the second discipline, the student should consult the relevant department/centre. It should be noted that not all departments/centres provide a combined major option.

2017-2018 Undergraduate calendar

  • MARS 1F90
  • one credit from co-major
  • one Sciences context credit
  • one Social Sciences context credit
  • one elective credit (see program note 1)
  • MARS 2P89, 2P92, 2P93, 2P95 and 2P99
  • two credits from co-major
  • one half elective credit
  • MARS 3P96 and 3P97
  • one credit for MARS 3F50, 3P19, 3P92, 3P93, and the list of approved Medieval and Renaissance Studies (see program note 5)
  • MARS 4P00 and 4P01
  • one credit numbered 2(alpha)00 or above from MARS courses, the list of approved Medieval and Renaissance Studies courses
  • two credits from co-major (see program note 5)
  • one elective credit numbered 2(alpha)90 or above

Full courses listings available in the Undergraduate calendar.