Brock University’s Society for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (BUMARS)

Welcome to BUMARS! We are a student led organization open to everyone, from the merely curious to the professional academic.  Our club is dedicated to encouraging and exploring interest in the eras and providing a space where students can learn and enjoy the rich cultures that blossomed in the period.  Often, we work closely with the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies who always support our ambitions and lend a helping hand.  With the tremendous support of the Centre, we have co-organized events with other clubs such as book sales, trivia night, but we also love to plan our own events such as our social mixers and our speaker series.

Studying the Middle Ages and Renaissance can involve knowledge in history, culture, art, language, religion, architecture, literature, and so much more.  As a result, members of the club are given the unique opportunity to work closely with other academic disciplines and engage in special events that reflect the club’s passion for these eras.  In addition, the expansive academic outreach of BUMARS invites a wide selection of students to join and engage with peers who share your passions.

To me, BUMARS offers a safe outlet to express my passion and interest for these periods with the other amazing and intelligent members.  Emerging from studies during COVID-19, BUMARS allowed me to meet new people and explore history through school events that reflect my enthusiasm for this period.  BUMARS is a club for anyone, and welcomes all.  It exists to celebrate history and bring together like-minded individuals; we hope to see you soon!

Liam Knox,
Current Student President, BUMARS