Brock University’s Society for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (BUMARS)

We are a student run and organized club centering around a love for the Medieval and Renaissance eras.  Anyone is welcome to join, whether you already have some knowledge in these time periods and want to learn more, or are exploring them for the first time.  The Middle Ages and the Renaissance have a lot to offer and are rich in history, culture, language, religion, art, architecture, literature, and many other areas.

We work closely with the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  They are very supportive and a wonderful help to the club.  When safe to do so, we like to help co-plan and organize events, or host events on our own.  In the past, the club has co-hosted and held things like trivia nights, meet and greets, and speaker series.

Studying these eras is a personal passion of mine and is something I love doing.  I am excited to be part of this club where I am able to share what I enjoy learning about with our community.  These historical periods offer something of interest to everyone and BUMARS is a wonderful opportunity to come together to discuss and share what makes them so important.

We hope you consider joining.

Elizabeth Colantoni,
Current Student President, BUMARS