Message from the Director

Welcome to the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  We offer an excellent opportunity to learn about medieval and Renaissance culture and society through the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of the history, literature, philosophy, art and architecture of cultures across the globe, from 400 CE to 1700 CE. To this end, we have participating faculty from English Language and Literature, History, Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures, Music, and Classics and Archaeology.

The Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers a combined major program leading to a BA (Honours), a Pass degree, and Minor for students in other disciplines. Medieval and Renaissance Studies can be combined with any other program offering a combined major option. Medieval and Renaissance Studies core courses may also be taken as electives by students in other disciplines.

Course offerings range from the late Roman world to Renaissance Italy, from the Mediterranean to the Americas, and from the reading of seminal authors like Dante, Chaucer and Shakespeare to emergent and marginalized voices. As well, our courses explore the culture, religion, music, architecture and art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The Middle Ages and Renaissance were instrumental in shaping the cultures in which we live. The interdisciplinary understanding of how Medieval and Renaissance cultures worked will illustrate their legacy to us, and their importance in shaping who and what we are. Our program seeks to help the students develop the skills of critical inquiry, analysis, argumentation, and expression needed for the treatment of these questions.

In the Spring session, our Centre offers study abroad programs such as MARS 3F50, Reading the Italian Medieval and Renaissance City.

Explore the MARS Program options, and if you have any questions regarding our courses or Program, please contact us directly.


Prof. Renee-Claude Breitenstein
Director, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Brock University