Current course offerings

Course offerings range from the last centuries of the Roman world to Renaissance Italy, from Byzantium to Iceland, and from the reading of Latin literature to the analysis of Dante, Chaucer and Shakespeare among many others, as well as the music, architecture and art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.



Medieval and Renaissance Civilizations
Tuesdays 7 to 9pm (D1)
SYNC – Online for Fall Semester
Plus 1-hour seminar/week
Dr. Andre Basson

Key themes, problems and topics in Medieval and Renaissance civilizations will be studied.

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MARS 2P70 (also offered as HIST 2P70)

The Middle East: 600-1800
Thursdays 2 to 4pm (D2)
ASYNC – Online
Plus 1-hour seminar/week
Dr. Behnaz Mirzai

Major themes in Middle Eastern history will be reviewed, from the advent of Islam to 1800 AD including art, culture, religions and politics.

MARS 2P75 (also offered as HIST 2P75)

Heaven and Earth
Thursdays 5 to 7pm (D2)
ASYNC – Online
Dr. Elizabeth Neswald

This course looks at the history of science from ancient Greece through Arabic, European, Medieval and Renaissance science into the Early Modern period.

MARS 2P87 (also offered as SPAN 2P87)

Genealogy and Identity in Medieval and Early Modern Spain
Tuesdays 9am to 12 noon (D2)
SYNC – Online
Dr. Felipe Ruan

This course reviews the significance of genealogy and blood (i.e. limpieza de sangre or blood purity statues), in the shaping of categories and forms of identification pertaining to Jewish, Muslim and Christian populations, and emerging New Christian groups like Conversos and Moriscos.


MARS 2P89 (also offered as VISA 2P89)

Medieval Art, Architecture & Society
Mondays 5 to 8pm (D2)
SYNC – Online
Candice Bogdanski

Students will study the inter-relation and connectedness between the arts, architecture and society in Medieval Europe.


MARS 2P92 (also offered as ITAL 2P92, VISA 2P92)

Early to High Renaissance Art & Architecture
Tuesdays 7 to 10pm (D3)

The review of monuments, buildings and art works of the period from the humanist influence on the arts in Florence and Rome to the issue of patronage and artist’s cultural status.

MARS 2P93 

Medieval Cultures and Literatures
Thursdays 11am to 2pm (D3)
Dr. Nicholas Must

Students will study societies, cultures and literatures of medieval Europe focusing on the High and Late Middle Ages.  Sampling of medieval texts ranging form comic to tragic, religious and epic.  The importance of music and its relation to religion, art and literature will also be studied.

MARS 2P95 (also offered as ENGL 2P95)

Reading the Middle Ages: Heroic and Chivalric
Thursdays 5 to 8pm (D3)
Dr. Teresa Russo

We will look at the heroic and chivalric worlds of Europe and how they shaped Medieval society.

MARS 3P30 (also offered as HIST 3P30)

The Viking Age
Thursdays 2 to 4pm (D3)
Plus 1-hour seminar/week
Dr. Andrew McDonald

We will look at Vikings from their Scandinavian homelands as they raid, trade and settle throughout Europe and the North Atlantic, converting to Christianity.


MARS 3P96 (also offered as HIST 3P96)

Medieval & Early Modern Christianity
Wednesdays 5 to 8pm (D3)
Dr. Andre Basson

The examination of continuities and discontinuities in the history of the Christian Church from the onset of the Middle Ages to the eve of the Protestant reformations.


MARS 3P97 (also offered as HIST 3P97)

The World of Renaissance & Beyond
To be offered Spring 2021

The study of the primary texts relative to the European Renaissance and the reshaping of the world with emphasis on the historical, cultural and intellectual legacies of the Renaissance.

MARS 3Q91 (also offered as HIST 3Q91, SPAN 3Q91)

Renaissance Perceptions of Indigenous Culture
Fridays 11am to 2pm (D3)
Dr. Felipe Ruan

Students will explore perceptions and views of Indigenous American peoples and civilizations in Renaissance Europe, drawing from written accounts, histories of the Indies, and visual representations of Incas, Aztecs and Mayans.


Directed Studies

Contact Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies for details.


Sources and Methods of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Fridays 9am to 12 noon (D2)
SYNC – Online
Dr. Leah Knight

This course explores a range of source materials used to address inquiries into Medieval and Renaissance cultural forms and societies.


Medieval Literature and Social Control
Mondays 5 to 8pm (D3)
Dr. Lynn Arner

Students will read about topics including the English Rising of 1381, punishment systems, sexuality, literacies and class, the disciplining of bodies to conform to etiquette, regulation of female speech, and colonization and civility.