MARS graduates and testimonials


“I chose Brock specifically for the Medieval and Renaissance Studies program, and never once regretted. While many of my friends at other universities spoke about overwhelming class sizes and professors they couldn’t remember, I was privileged to work directly with my professors. They’re at the top of their field, but never make you feel like they’re unapproachable. Instead, they encourage conversation and exploration.

Thanks to the support and encouragement from the Brock University professors in the Medieval and Renaissance program, I have graduated from my MA studies at the University of Iceland and the University of Oslo. My thesis entitled One In The Same, Skriðuklaustur: A Medieval Icelandic Monastery Following in the Christian Tradition explores the continuity of religion throughout Iceland and Europe.”

— Ashlie McDougall (MA, 2015)

“This program is unique because it allows you to get a balanced Humanities education, which will prepare you for life beyond university. The professors are amazing and you can work directly with them on any research project you want. I would definitely recommend this program.”

— Mark A. McNeill