Third Year NUSC

Applied Health Sciences - Nursing

Third Year NUSC

Welcome to Year 3 Students Transferring from Loyalist College For students transferring from Loyalist College, an orientation to the Niagara Health System will be provided. It is scheduled for Tuesday September 8 from 0900-1300 hours in AS215. Vulnerable Sector Screening If you are registered for NUSC 3P92 (mental health) during fall term, ensure that you obtain a vulnerable sector screening clearance over the summer. If you are registered in NUSC 3P92 during winter term, it is recommended that your vulnerable sector clearance be started in September or October. The vulnerable sector clearance cannot be greater than 6 months old from the first day of clinical. The original is to be brought with you to the first clinical day on Monday, September 14 2015 for those registered in fall and Monday, January 4, 2016 for those registered in winter. It is the student's responsibility to monitor timelines to have the clearance certificate completed so as not to jeapardize participation in the clinical course

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