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Wrapping up a day in the field

From left are Heather, Ethan, and Alysha hiking back after Alysha’s plant placement day in the vineyard field plots.

Welcome Emily Warren!

Emily comes to us as a summer volunteer and will be working on the OSCIII insect identification data. Happy to have you onboard Emily!

Welcome Ethan Cook!

Ethan is a third year undergraduate who started as a lab volunteer but will be working with us as a paid Match of Minds grant student this coming summer. He will be a great support for our graduate students on the OSCIII project!

Welcome Alysha Gullion!

Alysha comes to us from Canisius College and will be working towards a MSc that focuses on the effect of cover crop plantings on invertebrates. Her research ties in directly with some of the OSCIII project goals.

Congrats to Habib!

Habib has successfully defended his thesis entitled “Selecting cover crop species for vineyards of the Niagara region”. His thesis contributes valuable information to our OSCIII project. Way to go Habib!

Kasia changes role to MSc candidate!

Kasia started out on the OSCIII project as first a volunteer, a paid research assistant, and most recently an undergrad thesis student. She has since jumped in as an MSc candidate studying native plants used as cover crops and how they interact with the vineyard agroecosystem.

Congrats to Margaret! 

Margaret successfully defended her thesis entitled “Characterization of plant, leafhopper, and spider communities in perimeter plants and vineyards in the Niagara region”. Her thesis was developed under the OSCIII project as an extension to the cover cropping research. Great job Margaret!