MEOPAR-Lincoln Project Blog

The three-year project between Brock University and the Town of Lincoln is aimed at helping the community understand how to deal with the impacts of climate and environmental changes and examining potential avenues of solutions for future development along the shore. It follows on the heals of the Brock-Lincoln Living Lab partnership announced in October 2017. You can access the project blog here.

Organic Science Cluster 3 Blog

The focus proposal of this project is to use cover crops, rootstocks, and novel irrigation strategies to enhance vineyard resilience in the face of climate change and increase its economic and environmental sustainability. You can learn more about this project here and can access the project blog here.

Beyond Sustainability Blog

The objective of the project is to further develop the concept of rethinking humans and their relations with nature with the aim of embracing a worldview that genuinely reflects our relationship with nature to bring a more sustainable social-ecological system. You can learn more about this project here and can access the project blog here.