Completed Global Projects

Collaborative research on the development and potential commercialization of key technologies for agricultural soil remediation and improvement

Funder/Project Team
Vasseur and M. You
Ontario-China Research and Innovation Fund (Ontario MRI and China MOST)

In partnership with Frederique Guinel (Wilfrid Laurier University) and Boreal Agrominerals

Because of growing concerns about environmental degradation and health risks caused by chemical contamination in soil and crops, farmers are interested in finding strategies to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides while improving overall ecosystem health.

The project aims to examine an innovative strategy where three cover crops, an agromineral (a specific type of soil that possesses fertilizing properties). The ecosystem in its entirety was examined including soil microbes, invertebrates, and chemical composition, ground vegetation, grape performance in terms of grape composition, and terrestrial invertebrates.

Drawing on collaboration and partnerships that span two decades, a joint team will be organized to study the soil remediation of tea plantations in Southern China and that of vineyards in Ontario.