OSC3 publications


  • Liette Vasseur. OFVC 2022. Vineyard adaptation to climate change: are cover crops a viable strategy? Read presentation Here.
  • Liette Vasseur. CCOVI Lecture Series. 2022. Selecting cover crops in vineyards as an option for climate change adaptation. Read presentation here.
  • Habib Ben Kalifa. Selecting cover crop species for vineyards of the Niagara region. Read thesis here.


  •  Mohamed Lahbib Ben Kalifa and Liette Vasseur. ESAC 2021. Moving Towards Sustainable Organic Wine Production within Niagara Region. Read Presentation here.
  • Liette Vasseur, Heather VanVolkenburg and Habib Ben Kalifa. Grape Growers 2021. Read presentation here.
  • Margaret Hughes. Characterization of plant, leafhopper, and spider communities in perimeter plantings and vineyards in the Niagara region
    Read thesis here
  • OSCIII Blog: What is the Organic Cluster project?  Read blogs here