Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. 

Goal 8 aims to promote sustained economic growth, higher levels of productivity and technological innovation. Encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation are key to this, as are effective measures to eradicate forced labourslavery and human trafficking. 

Taking Action

Initiatives at Brock University

Did you know that Brock was the second university in the province to become a fair-trade campus? 

Employment at Brock 

If you are looking for employment Brock offers a lot of ways in which they can help you. 

You can apply to jobs on campus, where many different opportunities are available, such as at Recreation Services, Union StationStarbucks, or Tim Hortons, Brock Library, Smart Start, aquatic staff, The Zone, welcome desks, intramurals and various food locations all throughout Brock campus. 

Career Zone  

We have Career Zonewho will help you with your resume for applying for jobs outside of Brock and job fairs throughout the week.   

Experience Expo 

The Experience Expo, 2023, had 2,350 students in attendance with over 70 employers to engage students in potential employment opportunities. Students were encouraged to network at the event and learn about organizations they are interested in for their future careers.   

Hamilton-Niagara’s Top Employer  

Brock was named one of Hamilton-Niagara’s Top Employer for the fifth time and been selected every time they have applied. It recognizes Brock as an industry leader, that fosters exceptional places to work. 


As part of Brock’s 2022 submission to THE Impact Rankings, we shared information on how the university is working toward achieving decent work and economic growth. This information ranked us in the 54th spot out of 849 institutions around the world and gave us a score of 73.8/100.

Some key information we summitted includes:

  • Brock has a Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy which outlines that the university supports a work and learning culture that values diversity and inclusion, fosters respect, and does not tolerate prejudice, discrimination, harassment, and/or bullying.
  • Brock has an Employment Equity Policy which outlines the university’s committed to principles of equity and diversity in the workplace and recognizes the value that diverse faculty and staff bring to activities and initiatives.
  • Brock supported 17,006 students in finding work placement in 2019.

Initiatives in the Niagara Region

Did you know more than 120 companies around the world have chosen to be situated in Niagara? 

Niagara Region Economic Development Team  

The Economic Development Team has gathered information in the Niagara Region to provide resources that specifically are helpful to small local businesses. Due to the pandemic and concern for economies, this is important now more than ever.  


#ShopBrock gave students owning businesses opportunities to write their company name as advertisement to buy locally from them and improve Niagara Region’s economy while supporting Brock’s students.    

Learn more information about living wage in Niagara   

Individual Actions

  • Support local organic sustainable businesses.
    • Some examples include: Frogpond Organic winery,  Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery, Redstone Winery, Southbrook Vineyard, Tawse Winery   
  • Encourage bring your child to work, to inspire youth. 
  • Provide employees with snacks/food when possible. 
  • Ensure safe working conditions and all necessary training has been provided. 
  • Encourage career opportunities for youth. 
  • Place incentives in the workplace to promote hard work. 
  • Encourage employees to pursue more training or classes when available. 
  • Support international campaigns or groups to end slavery and forced labour.  
  • Give all people equal opportunity when hiring and encourage team work.