Sarah (Xiaoxia) Tan – Exit Blog, Marketing, Communications, and Event Coordinator

Prior to my involvement with the CSC, I never would have imagined that I could achieve things such as:

– Giving a public presentation to a group of 70 audience members

– Collaborating with government and local sport clubs to host events

– Designing an organizational e-magazine

– Managing professional social media accounts

– Executing marketing strategies for initiatives and programs

– Producing an organizational branding video

However, my experience at the CSC has been nothing short of paradise, offering me opportunities to explore areas of interest while providing the autonomy to develop skills aligned with my position.

During my internship, my tasks revolved around administration, marketing, communications, and event planning. In addition to regular duties such as responding to emails and attending meetings, I was keen to improve the CSC website and social media platforms. Recently, I successfully revamped the website using WordPress, a tool I had only learned two months prior. Through user-centered design principles, I introduced new elements such as a Twitter timeline, event videos, and an e-magazine, improving both the look and functionality of the website.

Video editing was another skill I acquired at the CSC, using tools such as iMovie, Canva, and CapCut to create engaging content. My first video project was for the LEAD LIKE A GIRL – Women in Sport Leadership Panel, which received positive feedback from viewers and inspired me to produce a branding video for the CSC. The branding video I designed is aimed to showcase the centre’s core values and brand story to the target audience.

One of my current projects is creating marketing strategies for the upcoming Team Building on the Water program. This involves generating eye-catching promotional content for social media and the website based on market analysis and research. With the program launch around the corner, I look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the community and local businesses.

Working as part of a talented team at the CSC allowed me to accomplish tasks in collaboration with other teammates based on their specialties and interests, resulting in successful social media promotion campaigns, including the 72’ Hockey Summit Series promotional videos, CSC’s Member Monday posts, and educational infographics to feature experts’ research. I am excited to see and welcome new teammates to join, with all the ongoing projects and awesome ideas, it will be another fantastic year for the CSC.

Although my internship at the CSC is not yet over, I already miss the time spent here. The knowledge and experience I gained during this educational learning experience have greatly contributed to my personal and professional development. Choosing the CSC for my internship was an excellent decision, and I would do it again without hesitation.

What are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun.


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