Brock researcher wins prestigious recognition in environmental economics

Diane Dupont, Professor in Brock University’s Department of Economics, has been named an inaugural Fellow by the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Association (CREEA).

The title was conferred at a virtual CREEA event in November in recognition of her work to advance the profession of environmental and resource economics and her significant contributions to CREEA and its operations.

Brandon Schaufele, Associate Professor of Business, Economics and Public Policy at the Ivey Business School at Western University, spoke about Dupont at the award event and later described Dupont as a world-renowned researcher. He commended both her ability to build research networks and her service to organizations that support researchers. He also pointed out she has built a thriving career in what has been, until recently, a male-dominated field.

“Diane is one of the first and leading female environmental economists in Canada,” said Schaufele. “She has provided an example for a lot people with her work on policy issues and leading research networks, in addition to her support of up-and-coming scholars.”

Dupont’s willingness to collaborate and explore interdisciplinary research opportunities has always been a priority, even in the early days of her research career when environmental economics was just beginning to grow into its own area.

Her determination to examine the issue through different lenses was unusual in the field at the time, but Dupont says that new approaches have combined with the emergence of big data to allow for positive change.

Dupont has also made time to support and mentor colleagues both within and outside of her discipline and to provide service through administrative roles, most recently as the Interim Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the Faculty of Social Sciences from 2013 to 2017.

“It has been an honour and a delight to work with Diane in her various administrative roles both within the Faculty of Social Sciences and the broader University,” said Ingrid Makus, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. “Her commitment to research excellence and her generosity in supporting faculty, students and staff make her a wonderful colleague.”

Learn more about the award and Diane’s career here.

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