LINC services and programs are designed to increase our users’ likelihood of successful skills development, opportunity discovery and venture growth beyond what one could achieve on their own. Offering hands-on, value-added services from the variety of unique Partners and Contributors is the key to the LINC’s ability to successfully spinout highly skilled graduates into the community and generate innovative ideas, creativity, jobs and wealth in the region.


Students, alumni, faculty and staff as well as those in the community  have access to all core programs and services as part of their independent participation and/or residency.(Some additional office services and special programs may require client support fees.)


Through Brock’s established ExperienceBU Platform, all students involved in any activities, events and programs offered through the LINC receive recognition of their participation and completion of the required criteria.

This recognition may include:

  • Credit on Co-Curricular Resume towards an earned Skills-Based Certificate and/or course credit

What does it mean to hold residency in the brock linc?


Certain selected users will progress into LINC Residents/Clients. This includes enrolment in particular programs such as the Kick-Start Entrepreneurship Program, the residency adds value in providing the space in a controlled-access Sett and/or Grow areas on Level 300.

LINC Residents/Clients include student entrepreneurs, spinout companies from researchers, faculty and private sector collaborating, service provider companies and organizations from the Niagara Region and beyond.

Looking To Enter The Brock LINC In Residency?

Contact us directly using the link below.


The Brock LINC encompasses the involvement of all students, first-time entrepreneurs, researchers, and business veterans. Everyone can benefit from the entrepreneurial domains of learning at little or no cost.


With the unique partners and contributors of the Brock LINC, those who participate in the community have the first-hand ability to partake in hard and soft skill development through experiential learning opportunities.


General business and skills development topics are also provided through the excellent resources of the Goodman Group, Innovate Niagara or other available community resources.


Improve your skills and receive co-curricular and/or curricular recognition for your participation and successful completion of programs.


Various training, meeting and conference rooms can be used on-site for resident educational offerings and made available for other educational offerings that are consistent with the LINC’s mission if practical.


Brock LINC provides a welcoming and resource rich environment for not only students, but for the Private Sector, Community and Alumni Participants.


Brock LINC works to develop cooperative agreements and referral relationships with existing resource partners throughout the Niagara region and beyond. These relationships are set to provide additional services that support applied research, skills development, collaboration and the growth of early stage social innovation and technology businesses.

Resource Partners include but are not limited to:

  • Incubator Network in the Niagara Region
  • Innovate Niagara and its partners across the Regional Innovation Centre of the ONE Network
  • Area Chambers of Commerce
  • Niagara Workforce Planning Board
  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Business Resources

Learn More About Our Resource Partners

Our Partners and Contributor page will inform you on each and every growing resource partner whom we are lucky to be connected to through the Brock LINC.