Design Thinking

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Design thinking has gone from a skillset used by technicians with specialized design practices to a fundamental skillset in problem solving. This workshop delivered by the Brock LINC will introduce the five stages of the design thinking process in an interactive and activity-based format. This program will be a participation based learning experience where participant involvement and engagement will be required.

This workshop will be led by Katherine Porter. Katherine is an educator, entrepreneur, and designer with deep expertise in design thinking, corporate innovation, and design strategy. In 2013 Katherine attended the Rhode Island School of Design on scholarship to receive a Master of Design. Since then, she has worked in some of the world’s leading design firms (Gensler Architecture + Design) and has practiced design thinking and creative problem solving at some of the world’s leading management consulting firms (Doblin, Deloitte Greenhouse). In 2019 Katherine won the National James Dyson award for her invention – a discreet, wearable heat pack for menstrual pain. In 2020 she left the corporate world to commercialize the idea through starting her company Undu Wearables. She now works as a freelance innovation consultant with Communitech and The Wujec Group, while building her business. In addition to her work in industry, Katherine has attended leading incubator programs at MaRS, and held teaching positions at Appleby College, Ryerson University, and the Rhode Island School of Design.

This workshop is part of Brock LINC’s Creativity events and programs. We aim to bring events that can help anyone develop a creative mindset. Our programs will help you explore new skills and ways of thinking or can simply be a fun or reflective break in your day.