Brock LINC Innovation Socials

The Brock LINC is introducing Innovation Socials at the University, which focus on bringing people together in a casual and social environment to learn or talk about different types of innovation in our school, work or everyday lives.

Innovation Socials are held monthly and include free food and drinks, the opportunity to meet new people from across the University, and to have a conversation on some of the hot topics of the day.

Hosted in the Rankin Family Pavilion, The Brock LINC Innovation Socials are open to all members of the Brock University community.

Upcoming Brock LINC Innovation Socials

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Past Brock LINC Innovation Socials

September’s Innovation Social focused on accessibility. Dr. Maureen Connolly, Director of the Brock-Niagara Centre of Excellence in Inclusive and Adaptive Physical Activity (CAPA) and Drew MacNeil, COO of XpertVR have been working on a collaborative initiative with Niagara College to co-develop an immersive virtual reality (VR) tool that will help students learn about the life experiences of people with disabilities on post-secondary campuses.

Maureen Connolly shared the research and consultation process on this project, while Drew MacNeil demonstrated one of the four VR simulations for participants.

The Innovation Social in June focused on the changing norms in the workplace. How are changes to workplace models (hybrid, remote, four-day work weeks) influencing working lives? And what are the skills that students and job seekers need to prepare for changes in the recruitment process, as well as changes in the workplace?

Amanda Villella from Brock’s People & Culture team, and Laura Fyfe from Brock’s Career Education team led the group conversation exploring this topic.

April 2023’S Innovation Social focused on the use of AI tools at universities. How are platforms like ChatGPT affecting people at work, school and home? And how should AI tools be used at teaching universities?

Dr. Rahul Kumar and Dr. Michael Mindzak lead the group conversation exploring this topic. Their research explores the impact of AI technology on post-secondary education. A summary of the conversation can be found at Brock’s Centre for Pedagogical Innovation’s website as part of their resources for guidance on ChatGPT and AI.

Hosted in partnership with Brock University’s Human Rights and Equity office, the first Innovation Social will tackle the topic of “Innovation in Women’s Equity” which coincides with the International Women’s Day theme of #EmbraceEquity. The conversation will be themed around where we see innovation in women’s equity initiatives, and what we would like to see going forward, whether at Brock or in the broader community.