The Innovative Mindset

Date: Thursday September 28, 2023
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Are you ready to unlock your inner creativity and become an innovative thinker? Our workshop, the Innovative Mindset, is perfect for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of their creative potential. You’ll discover the “CORE” Four Skills – Curiosity, Openness, Risk-taking, and Embracing Challenges – and how they factor into becoming a more innovative thinker.

This interactive workshop offers ample opportunities to learn about and practice each skill, helping you to cultivate a more innovative mindset. With a solid understanding of these key concepts, you’ll be ready to lead with a fresh perspective and build your creative confidence.

This workshop will be led by Dr. Cyndi Burnett, the Director of Possibilities for Creativity and Education, an organization whose mission is to infuse creative thinking skills into every classroom around the world. She spent 20 years as an academic teaching deliberate creative thinking and creativity problem solving in the department of Creativity and Change Leadership at SUNY Buffalo State.

This workshop is part of Brock LINC’s Creativity events and programs. We aim to bring events that can help anyone develop a creative mindset. Our programs will help you explore new skills and ways of thinking or can simply be a fun or reflective break in your day.