Creativity & Innovation

Our creativity and innovation programs are open to the Brock and Niagara community, and are welcoming, inclusive and fun.

Ranging from art, science, music, history, psychology and literature to health, mental health and wellness, these programs cover a wide range of topics and disciplines. Some will focus on expansive thinking, self-awareness, or specific skills. Others will be weird and wacky, and may encourage audacious ideas.

As a whole, these programs are a safe space to explore, experiment, reflect, ideate and to fail. Because if we are comfortable with experimentation, and not fearful of failure, we can truly create a culture of innovation across the university.

Contact us if you have ideas or want to collaborate.

Brock LINC Creativity: The Everyday Creative Mind Program

A four-part workshop series on how to be more creative in your everyday life.

Brock LINC Creativity: Introduction to Design Thinking

A five-part workshop series introducing the five stages of design thinking.

Brock LINC Creativity: Learn how to Bullet Journal

Join us April 12, 2022 from 9:00am – 10:00am to learn how to declutter your mind and pick up some organization tips in this interactive workshop.

Brock LINC Creativity: Coffee Workshop with 416 Coffee Co.

This workshop will introduce you to the third wave coffee movement, the coffee roasting process, coffee brewing and you will have the opportunity to do a cupping experience to taste 2 coffees from 416 Coffee Co.

Brock LINC Creativity: Morning Writing Session with Firefly Creative

Looking for a chance to get into a writing routine in the quiet company of others? The Brock LINC is bringing Firefly Creative Writing to your mornings.