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Our entrepreneurship programs are designed to support early-stage entrepreneurship from ideation, discovery, and launch. No business experience is required or expected. Our staff, mentors, and Entrepreneur in Residence are here to help guide your journey.


Brock LINC Membership

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Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship

Encouraging Niagara’s aspiring entrepreneurs to advance their early-stage entrepreneurial objectives.

Entrepreneurship Co-op

Use a co-op term to explore an entrepreneurial venture.

LINC UP! Networking Event

Join us for a networking event to meet other entrepreneurs and innovators!

LINC Consultation

Do you have an idea? Or not sure where to start with accessing Brock LINC services?


You’ve started your business, and need help to grow. That’s where the LINCubator can help.

Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Curious about entrepreneurship but don’t know where to start?