Voula Marinos, Ph.D.

Faculty of Social Sciences - Child and Youth Studies

Voula Marinos, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
CRN - 341 
Phone (905) 688-5550, ext. 3386

Dr. Voula Marinos is an Associate Professor and holds a Ph.D in Criminology from the Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto. Her research interests are in alternatives to imprisonment and diversion from the criminal justice system, the courts, and sentencing for both youth and adults. Three recent, specific research areas are plea bargaining, extrajudicial measures for youth, and persons with intellectual disabilities and the courts. She is part of the 3Rs Rights, Respect and Responsibility Research Team at Brock, committed to research on human rights for persons with intellectual disabilities. Much of her work involves interviews with criminal justice professionals.

Research Interests: 
  • youth crime and social and legal responses
  • deviance, law and crime
  • criminal justice policy and reform
  • sentencing and punishment of young and adult offenders
  • diversion from the justice system
  • alternatives to imprisonment
  • public and judicial perceptions of punishment of young and adult offenders
  • plea bargaining
  • persons with intellectual disbilaties and the courts



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2001-2010. Board of Directors, John Howard Society of Ontario. 
2009-2011. Research Team, "Criminological Highlights" (Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto). Provide "current awareness package" of criminological issues to government and non-profit organizations in Canada.