Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan

Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan

Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan will concretize the vision, overarching goals and means by which we can realize our research potential in the years leading to 2020.

It is a roadmap that indicates how researchers can best be developed and supported in the present and into the future. It articulates a vision for what we consider to be both desirable and achievable by 2020.

The document will be based primarily on feedback from faculty and staff, the gathering of which began late last year from town hall meetings, group sessions and one-on-one conversations with a wide cross-section of community members.

Vice President Research Dr. Gary Libben and Associate VPRs Dr. Kevin Kee and Dr. Joffre Mercier are spearheading the feedback and writing process. Following earlier consultations – and recent meetings with faculty deans – the team presented a Draft Integration Plan to Senate October 9.

The Draft Integration Plan consists of seven key areas that contain sub-sections listing goals to be pursued. (Please see the slideshow for an outline of the plan’s contents).

These goals are mapped out in charts that list specific actions to be undertaken, targets and milestones, who is responsible for the various actions, the resources required to carry these out, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that enable us to measure the success of these actions, and evaluation dates.


The Draft Implementation Plan constitutes one half of Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan.

Following further consultations with the Brock community, the Office of the Vice-President Research will draft the Vision 2020 plan that captures these aspirations in prose, and invite feedback.

After incorporating that feedback, we will publish a research plan that will serve as a public document, to be shared with our communities and their stakeholders. This should be completed by the end of December 2013.

“We are delighted by the engagement, insight, and input that we received during the consultation phase of the development of the first draft of the plan,” says Dr. Libben.

“We have been working to incorporate the opinions, concerns, experiences, aspirations and other feedback that we have received into the document. It’s very important that everyone see themselves within this document."

We invite everyone in the Brock community to give us your views on the specifics of the Draft Implementation Plan as well as whatever you feel should be included in Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan.