Niagara is known for its wine within a thriving agriculture and tourism industry. Our Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) advances the interests of the grape and wine industry through interactive research, teaching and outreach services.

CCOVI focuses on research in oenology and viticulture and includes the teaching winery, viticulture, oenology and sensory science laboratories. The Consumer Research Laboratory is dedicated to consumer behaviour and wine marketing research. CCOVI’s research meets industry needs that help increase the growth, profitability and sustainability of the Niagara ans Canadian industry; provides education opportunities to train the industry leaders of tomorrow; and provides international conferences and events that have helped raise the profile of Canadian wine globally.

Another strong research link between Brock and Niagara is our Niagara Community Observatory (NCO). The public policy think-tank works with community associations, organizations, leaders and others to produce policy briefs on current and emerging issues.

These briefs provide non-partisan, evidence-based research that supports a community-based decision-making process.

Research areas include the Niagara economy, post-secondary education, affordable child care, tourism, municipal and provincial elections, the quality of Niagara’s beaches, poverty, and Niagara’s sports legacy.

In partnership with the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) and others, Brock University co-founded the Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub), housed at the DSBN. Researchers from the Faculty of Education, educators, students, parents, researchers, industry leaders, and ihub Portfolio Companies collaborate to innovate the modern education experience and foster local economic development and growth.