Brock is recognized nationally and internationally for our social justice research.

Brock University’s Social Justice Research Institute (SJRI) brings together researchers and students from a wide variety of disciplines to produce socially relevant and community-based scholarship on social justice issues and create connections with community organizations. See the SJRI’s new journal Studies in Social Justice.

Brock researchers study the relationship between humans and animals on several important levels. Our research on labour involving animals – including the work done with, by, and for, animals – has led us to developing the concept of ‘humane jobs’: jobs that are good for both people and animals, which, in turn, helps foster sustainable and solidaristic societies.

An international project headquartered at Brock profiles women pioneers in animal advocacy historically and in our present-day world. Our researchers also study moral issues tied to the use of animals in the tourism industry and ancient and contemporary texts that challenge the preeminence of human beings.

Major gender disparities continue to exist in the workforce, including the retail sector. Our researchers probe these disparities and look at ways to improve retail work and workers’ lives on all levels.

We have expertise on the dynamics of modern families. These include: childcare policies; changing fatherhood and parental leave; parent-child relationships; the challenges of living with autism, developmental and learning disabilities for children and families; blended families; inter-racial and same sex marriages. 

Other topics we explore include: the role of community, culture, and social class in our understandings of how elementary and secondary school children read, write, think and communicate; food security and the impact of poverty on children and their families; girls’ experiences growing up; bullying and psychopathic influences in relationships.