Brock researchers explore issues of spcial justice in a variety of areas.

Brock University has established an internal fund for researchers called the Indigenous Research Grant. This funding supports Indigenous researchers or those undertaking research or creative activities in any discipline or topic that relates to Indigenous Peoples.

The research arising out of this Grant has yielded a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, Indigenous ways of knowing in the areas of Indigenous plants, health care, climate change, housing, among other subjects.

An area of research that has received much national and international attention is parental leave, fatherhood, motherhood, and the changing meanings and practices of care work and paid work. This research is contributing to effective policies and community programs for Canadians who have caregiving responsibilities.

Many research projects across Faculties explore issues of racism, classism, unjust economic policies and practices, and gender inequities, among other injustices.

Brock University’s Social Justice Research Institute (SJRI) is a vibrant collective of 60+ faculty from a wide variety of disciplines. These faculty members work together, with students, and/or with community leaders to create meaningful, research-based relationships and to produce socially relevant, transdisciplinary scholarship.

Brock also is home to Studies in Social Justice, which publishes articles and creative works relating to the social, cultural, economic, environmental, political, and philosophical problems associated with struggles for social justice.