In this era of climate change, society is desperately looking for answers to some tough questions. How do we cope with the many impacts arising from our shifting climate? What can we do to stem, and hopefully halt, this complex problem?

Our Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) takes the pursuit of these questions very seriously. Researchers from Brock, Canada and around the world study how we can live more ‘sustainably,’ or “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987)

Also based at Brock is a UNESCO Chair “Community Sustainability: From Local to Global.” The Chair aims to strengthen initiatives in sustainable agriculture and community-based natural resource management in Canada, China and countries such as Ecuador, to develop concrete actions and best practices that countries around the world can use. We are well placed for this research, as Brock University is located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, an area seeking to reconcile social, economic and biophysical challenges confronting societies around the globe.

Brock is noted for research on rocks, volcanoes, fossils and glaciers. We have one of the few micromorphology labs in the world, allowing researchers to examine thin section samples of glacial and non-glacial sediments under the microscope. Scientists around the world frequently seek our expertise. Brock University is among the forefront of global efforts to define a new epoch in Earth’s geologic record called the ‘Anthropocene,’ which is capturing worldwide interest.