Brock faculty and students

If you are a faculty or staff member and need more information or access to forms and procedures, please sign into the Office of Research Services’ SharePoint site and click into the “Innovation and Commercialization” section.

A brief summary is provided below

Inventions and other intellectual property are managed in accordance with University policy, which is outlined in Article 38 under the Collective Agreement Between Brock University and the Brock University Faculty Association (BUFA) July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017.

“With the exception of contract research or research covered by Article 38.04, and subject to the special rights hereinafter reserved in this paragraph, the University waives any claim to the ownership of, or beneficial interest in, any invention developed by a member (notwithstanding that such invention might be intellectually conceived in the course of University work).”

For more details, please read Article 38 in it’s entirety.

Creators may choose to partner with Brock to commercialize their IP, in which case, the intellectual property is assigned to Brock and Brock agrees to share the net revenue 50/50 with the originators. In return, Brock will manage the legal, financial and ethical risk in maintaining and commercializing the IP. Brock’s share is used to support research and innovation at Brock. While commercializing the IP, Brock always ensures that the creators retain academic rights to their IP, thus future research remains unhindered.

Brock makes no claim to IP created by its faculty or students during the normal course of their employment or studies. At the same time, if faculty or students have used University facilities and support in creating IP, the University and the creator together are ethically, legally and financially involved. For this reason, Brock asks that all commercial activities at Brock be disclosed to the University.

First Step: Fill out an Invention Disclosure form and contact Iva Bruhova.

At this stage, our Technology Transfer Officer will review and asses the potential of a given innovation. This may include a prior art search and/or market research assessments. Given there is potential, Brock Innovations and our partners, will discuss a commercialization strategy with the inventor.

Many of our researchers have longstanding partnerships with business, helping to solve real world problems and create value for Canadian and international companies. These opportunities also allow students to gain real-world experience and build relationships with established companies.

In a partnership, the faculty member will assign their commercial rights to Brock, and Brock and the creators will enter into a revenue sharing agreement in accordance with University policies. While commercializing the IP, Brock always ensures that the creators retain academic rights to their IP, thus future research remains unhindered.

Resources to create spin-off companies include: Innovate Niagara; MaRS; Ontario Centre of Innovation; and Brock LINC.

We liaise closely with Brock LINC, a dynamic business incubation facility housed in the Goodman School of Business dedicated to promoting and enhancing the growth and commercialization of new businesses and discoveries taking place at Brock.

We also provide extension and consultancy services, which include the use of Brock equipment or facilities, as well as the sale of surplus materials, often specialty chemicals.

Please contact us at for further details.