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At Brock University, we strive to make a difference. Our research and scholarship addresses real-world challenges; in the process, we come up with knowledge and insights that may be helpful to society. In this series, our researchers and scholars share what they’ve learned through their work.

Featured researcher

Louis Volante

Professor, Educational Studies
Faculty of Education

Professor of Educational Studies Louis Volante researches education and public policy analysis; international assessments and the politics of large-scale reform; metrics, performance monitoring, and education governance; and migrant integration policies and social inequality in education. Volante’s research has been supported by various Canadian and international research agencies, professional associations, and universities. His current five-year project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) examines the relationship between migrant integration policies and student achievement outcomes across Canada.

researcher video archive

Gary Libben

Professor, Applied Linguistics
Faculty of Social Sciences

Patrick Reid

Assistant Professor, Sport Management
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Simon Black

Assistant Professor, Labour Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences

Danielle Sirianni-Molnar

Associate Professor, Child and Youth Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences

Christopher Fullerton

Associate Professor, Geography and Tourism Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences

Miriam Richards

Professor, Biological Sciences
Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Elizabeth Greene

Associate Professor, Classics
Faculty of Humanities

Kimberly Cote

Professor, Psychology
Faculty of Social Sciences

Gary Pickering

Professor, Biological Sciences and Psychology
Faculty of Mathematics and Science