Overspent Accounts

Overspent Accounts

Over Spending

Principal Investigators have first line responsibility for managing expenditures within the budgets and eligibility rules of the funding agency. According to the terms of the Accountabilities Form, this may include covering a deficit from personal funds. Monitor your spending closely and regularly check your account's activities online via BEARS.

To access BEARS:

Sign into “my brock” (use your user id)

Access “My Work” (same user id)

Access BEARS (same user id)

Access “MNFIN” (if applicable)

Enter the account number

View General Ledger Account

If you notice an error, contact us right away to get the correction recorded. We would be happy to help you make things right with your research finances, but it requires your own planning and oversight to spot any problems and to let us know what corrective action is needed.


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