Brock SSHRC Institutional Grant (BSIG)

Brock SSHRC Institutional Grant (BSIG)

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) provides Brock University with annual block grants under the SSHRC Institutional Grants program to help the University develop and maintain a solid base of research and research-related activities in the SSHRC-supported disciplines. This grant has enabled Brock to establish an internal research seed grant competition.

 All tenure and tenure-track Brock University faculty members in the disciplines supported by SSHRC are eligible. Applications by Limited Term Appointment staff will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Sessional instructors, professors emeriti, research associates, post-doctoral fellows, adjunct professors and students are not eligible.

Research Seed Grants

Seed grants provide researchers with up to $5000 funding (one year) for projects aimed towards developing an application for submission to a SSHRC competition.  Funds can be used for a pilot research project, hiring a student RA to assist with the research project, etc.   The Adjudication Committee will ensure submissions meet eligibility critera and will evalute the quality of the proposed research project and the applicant's record of research achievement.


Special Purpose Funds
This award provides funds for the following special initiatives (max. term of award: 1 year or as noted):
  • Subvention for scholarly books published by reputable scholarly presses
    Max. award $1,500
  • Manuscript preparation grants
    Max. award $1,500
  • Seeding peer review journals – created or edited at Brock University
    Max. award $2,000 annually
    Max. term of award: 3 years
  • Travel to international scholarly conferences (outside Canada, Mexico and U.S.A.)
    Max. award: $1,000
  • Occasional scholarly conferences and scholarly workshops to be held at Brock
    Max. award: $5,000





Forms (Revised 2015):


BSIG Research Seed Grant Instructions and Application Form

BSIG Special Purpose Grants Instructions and Application Form

NEW* All applications require three signatures:  applicant, Dept. Chair and Associate Dean

For more information, please contact Tressie Dutchyn at or x4004.