Research Involving Animals

Research Involving Animals

All research and teaching that involves the use of vertebrate animals must be reviewed and approved by the Brock University Animal Care Committee prior to the initiation of such research or instruction.

Please note: No work with animals can be started or animals obtained prior to approval of animal protocol by the Brock University Animal Care Committee. 

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Brock University Animal Care Committee Members:

Dayle Carlson, Animal Care Committee / PAM Coordinator
T: 905-688-5550, x5820

Dr. Fiona Hunter (Biological Sciences) - Chair
T: 905-688-5550, x3394

Tom Eles
Animal Care Technician
Tel: 905 688-5550, x5912
Fax: 905-688-0748


Animal Care Committee
The Brock University Animal Care Committee (ACC) is a sub-Committee of the Senate Committee on Research. It is established in compliance with the Ontario Animals for Research Act (1971), and also in response to the requirements of the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

Animal Care Committee Terms of Reference

(approved by the ACC on April 12, 2013)


PLEASE NOTE: For concerns to the Animal Care staff or others regarding animal-related incidents, please read this form.