Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Brock recognizes its unique role in the production of knowledge within society. In this role it strives to produce benefits for society through the publication of its research findings and, where appropriate, encouraging the commercial application of its research.

Brock makes no claim to IP created by its faculty or students during the normal course of their employment or studies. At the same time, if faculty or students have used University facilities and support in creating IP, the University and the creator together are ethically, legally and financially involved. For this reason Brock asks that all commercial activities at Brock are disclosed to the University.

Creators may choose to partner with Brock to commercialize their IP, in which case, Brock will manage the legal, financial and ethical risk in maintaining and commercializing the IP. In a partnership, the faculty member will assign their commercial rights to Brock, and Brock and the creators will enter into a revenue sharing agreement in accordance with University policies.  While commercializing the IP, Brock always ensures that the creators retain academic rights to their IP, thus future resarch remains unhindered.

Confidentiality is often an important aspect of managing IP. If you have an invention, software or an idea that might lead to IP, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible and always prior to any public disclosure.

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