Program Details:

Program Details:

Niagara College General Arts and Science Degree Transfer Diploma

First Phase of Study: College (agreement effective for applicants entering Fall 2014)
  • Obtain a 3-year (Pass) or 4-year Honours degree from Brock University.
  • A minimum 70% cumulative average on the Niagara College General Arts and Science Degree Transfer diploma is required for entry to Brock and to be eligible for transfer credit. 
  • Eligible applicants will be awarded up to 7.5 credits, depending on success in specific courses at Niagara College.
  • Important note: This agreement does not guarantee admission to specific Brock programs since admission averages and prerequisite subject requirements may differ depending on the program.  
  • For admission eligibility guidelines refer to: The Admission Criteria Chart for Transfer Students
  • Transfer credit eligibility: 2.5 Year Two unspecified elective credits (granted for completion of diploma with minimum 70% cumulative average), up to 5.0 Year One elective credits (granted for courses completed at a minimum 60% as outlined below):
*Niagara Course
*Niagara Course
Brock Course
HIST 8203 – Modern History
HIST 8317 – Contemporary World History
HIST 1F95 – World History Since 1914
SOCL 8226 – Principles in Sociology: Basic Concepts
SOCI 8334 – Principle in Sociology: Institutions and Social Change
SOCI 1F90 – Introduction to Sociology
PHIL 8211 – Introduction to Philosophy: Objective Self
PHIL 8313 – Introduction to Philosophy: the Subjective Self
PHIL 1F91 – Introduction to Philosophy : Human Nature
ENGL 8202 – English Literature Form and Focus: Prose
ENGL 8300 – English Literature Form and Focus: Poetry and Drama
ENGL 1F95: Literature in English: Forms, Themes and Approaches
POLI 8205 – The Structure of Politics
POLI 8305 – the Content of Politics
POLI 1F90 – Introduction to Political Science
SCIE 8209 – Science and the Environment
SCIE 8305 – Science and Society
Science Context Credit (Year One level)
*Students must have an overall average of 60% in both Niagara College courses to receive the Brock University credit.

Total credits
  • Up to 7.5 out of 15.0 credits required to complete 3-year (Pass) degree, or up to 7.5 out of 20.0 credits required to complete 4-year Honours degree.

Application Process:
  • OUAC 105 application form (
  • OUAC Program Code: applicants decision
  • Year Code: Advanced Standing

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