Undergraduate Admissions Deferral Policy

What is a Deferral? 

Applicants holding an offer to an Undergraduate Degree program for Fall 2023 may request a one-time, one-year deferral of their start date.  

Deferrals must be submitted no later than August 1, 2023, using the form below. Due to the competitive nature and limited enrolment of some programs, we are unable to accept late requests. 

Who May Request a Deferral? 

Applicants may complete their request if they have experienced an extenuating circumstance since applying to their Undergraduate Degree program. Applicants must provide a rationale as to why they are unable to commence studies due to their circumstance. In some cases, Brock may request documentation to support the applicant’s request. 

Deferral Guidelines for Fall 2023 Entry 

Please review these carefully before submitting a request 

  • Deferrals are available for Fall (September) Undergraduate Degree studies only; deferrals are not available for Undergraduate Certificate studies or Non-Degree programs 
  • Deferred students may not take any additional coursework (secondary or post-secondary) during their deferral year. Should a student wish to study during the deferral period, the student must re-apply to Brock as their academic history will have changed 
  • Students must (1) accept their offer of admission and (2) satisfy ALL conditions as stated on their offer letter. All final documents and transcripts must be submitted. 
  • A deferral of admission will include your Brock Entrance Award, where applicable, but will be based on the scholarship range for the following year 
  • If Admissions deems you eligible for a deferral, we will provide you with any final steps that must be completed by you in order to receive your approval letter.  Deferrals are not considered final until an approval letter is issued to you by the Admissions Office.  
  • Deferral approvals are at Brock’s discretion and are not guaranteed 
  • To learn how a deferral may impact residence options and your residence deposit, contact res@brocku.ca 
Do not use this form if: 
  • You are a current undergraduate Brock student wishing to take a leave from studies. Please contact your Academic Advisor to discuss a leave from studies. 
  • You have extenuating circumstances and want to request a change of your entry point by one term. In this case, please email admissions@brocku.ca to determine your eligibility. All programs are not available for all entry points.  
  • You are a student entering English as a Second Language (ESL) studies at Brock. If you are an ESL student and wish to change your entry point, please email your request admissions@brocku.ca and include your full name, student number and/or campus ID in your request. 

Communicating a Deferral Decision 

Check your personal email (and your junk/spam folders) daily for any communication from Brock. All communications regarding your deferral request will be made through the email address listed on your application.  

If an international student is being represented by an agent, the student themselves must request their deferral. The decision will be communicated to the student’s personal email provided on the application and on the Agent Release of Information form. 

If you have any questions, please email admissions@brocku.ca 

Submit your Request for a Deferral of Undergraduate Admission

The deferral request form will only be available from June 1 to August 1, 2023.