Undergraduate Admissions Deferral Policy

Applicants with extenuating circumstances, who have accepted their offer of admission by the deadline date, may request a deferral of admission to that program for a period of one year.

Deferment of enrollment will only be valid if you do not take any additional coursework since your initial admissions decision. If you take additional coursework after acceptance, you will need to reapply to Brock.

A deferral of admission will include your Brock Entrance Award, where applicable. Deferral approvals are at Brock’s discretion and are not guaranteed.

Submit your Request for a Deferral of Undergraduate Admission

Please note: we will begin accepting requests for Deferral of UG Admission on June 1, 2021.

The deadline to submit your deferral request is August 31, 2021. No requests after this date will be reviewed.

Please access the Deferral Request Form here