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Here is what some of our students say about their experience in the MA in English program at Brock.

"Looking back, I'm very pleased that attention was paid to professional development. I'm also very impressed by the attentiveness of the faculty while I was there. It may have been because it was a small class and a small faculty in the inaugural year of the program, but I knew all of the professors in the department and felt supported by them all. And I'm pleased with the rigor and thoroughness of the program. My best work was always expected of me and I was never allowed to cut corners. Frustrating at times, but something I enormously appreciate in retrospect. I'm working as the Advertising Executive at the London Review of Books now. It's a wonderful environment. Our offices are in Bloomsbury. The British Museum is just around the corner."

Laird Barrett, MA 2006

"The MA experience was quite challenging, and successfully completing it provides a strong sense of accomplishment. The most immediate benefits I derived from the experience are research and writing skills, and an ability to synthesize large quantities of material into a cogent and cohesive argument. These skills have likewise assisted me with both critiquing and synthesizing legal concepts I have learned about this year at Queen's Law School. The TA experience is also valuable because it allows you to develop your ability to constructively scrutinize your students' work, and simultaneously develop your own analytical reading and writing skills."

Mark Stoiko, MA 2006

"My experience in Brock's English MA program was challenging and rewarding. The structure of the program, the course work, and the close interaction with professors significantly advances critical thinking skills; the professional development program is particularly crucial in showing how Literary Studies works as a profession and in developing your field of study. My Major Research Paper examined the literary conventions of the contemporary American drug autobiography. I am hoping to pursue either a Professor position in Quebec's college system, or a Ph.D. program."

Jesse Hutchinson, MA 2007

"Having completed my undergraduate degree at Brock, I knew that I'd enjoy doing my MA work there as well. The faculty create an inspiring, challenging, and supportive atmosphere that draws out our best work. The program's course work gave me a solid groundwork in research and helped me strengthen my writing skills. It also helped me focus my interests for my major research project on the work of Susan Orlean, who questions patriarchal social structures within the framework of popular literary journalism. Completing this project with input from two faculty experts was an exciting collaborative process and great fun. I'm currently an English Professor at Niagara College."

Barbara Buetter, MA 2007

"The best part of obtaining my MA in English Language and Literature at Brock University were the Professors who were an excellent source of knowledge and support during my time there. I was especially excited about the wide range of course materials that seminars at Brock offered me; as a student entering for the first time into the world of professional academia it was beneficial to experience the viewpoints of so many professionals in our small group of Master's students. My major research paper, entitled National Myths and Identities: American Nationalism and the Arthurian Legend, explored the underlying contexts of Arthurian retellings in children's picture books through text and image. Although I continue to be fascinated by the retellings of myth and legend in our modern day children's literature, I am currently pursuing my interests in New Zealand as a prospective teacher."

Lauren Mead, MA 2008

"I came to Brock hoping to be challenged; Brock met and exceeded all of my expectations. The professors were knowledgeable and helpful. The classes - which covered an array of interests and fields of study that ranged from Arthurian metanarratives and the Austen canon to graduate student professionalization and literary theory - were extremely demanding but equally rewarding. With the superlative help of Dr. James Allard and Dr. Martin Danahay, I wrote a major research paper on Wordsworth, transcendentalism, and the ever-present moment of infinite possibility. Because of my time at Brock, I am prepared for Ph.D. studies and, more importantly, I know that I belong"

Christopher Stampone, MA 2008

"It was difficult to return to university to pursue a Master of Arts degree as a mature part‑time student while contending with a full‑time teaching career at Niagara College; however, Brock University's MA (English) part‑time program is tailored in such a way as to make achievement of this goal possible within two to three years. Moreover, prospective students should not feel daunted by MA requirements, as the faculty is deeply committed to student success. This graduate program provides a closely supervised course of study which directs and cultivates critical thought and research skills, shapes and develops academic and professional standards, and provides students with an opportunity to work with accomplished mentors who have achieved expertise in their chosen areas of study. I only hope that I can make a contribution worthy of what was so admirably provided by the many memorable professors who enhanced my academic and professional life through graduate studies in Brock's English Department."

Cynthia Gagne, MA 2008

"I graduated from Brock with an MA in English Language and Literature in 2008, writing my Major Research Paper on Hunter S. Thompson, the outlaw, and the mainstream press, and I cannot say enough about the strengths of the program. Particularly worth noting is the quality of instruction and mentorship I received during my time here. I have attended a number of academic institutions and can say that Brock has the brightest, most energetic, fun and involved faculty with whom I have had the pleasure of studying. Perhaps what I enjoyed most about the Brock MA is the emphasis that is placed on professionalization and the overwhelming willingness throughout the department to take on those mentoring roles which are crucial for our development as students, academics and professionals. I have plans to pursue my Ph.D. in the near future. I would recommend this program to anyone genuinely interested in pursuing a career in academia."

Joe Lasko, MA 2008

"When I reflect on my experience as a student working to complete the one year MA English program at Brock, I view the experience as very challenging, yet extremely rewarding and satisfying. The program offers a diverse choice of courses, and although these courses did not necessarily always represent my own area of interest and research, every area of study that I encountered enriched my own research in ways I did not think possible at first. Aside from the diverse choice of subjects, which I now perceive as one of the strengths of the program, the Professors who were either directly or indirectly involved with teaching these courses, are certainly the foundation for my success in the program. Each Professor always seemed to go above and beyond their duties, not only as supervisors, but as the voices that offered encouragement and help the entire step of the way. My experiences learning a variety of subjects from these encouraging mentors, meeting new students, and making life-long friendships made the year especially enjoyable. The culmination of the program was the writing of my major research paper titled, De-Romanticizing the Spectacle: Writing the Heart into the Horror in Zakes Mda's Ways of Dying and Sindiwe Magona's Mother to Mother. I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant at Brock. My future academic pursuits might lead towards a Doctorate program; however, I am currently exploring other career options at Brock--it is difficult leaving an institution that holds such wonderful memories."

Meagan DeBray, MA 2008

"The MA in English Language and Literature at Brock has proved to be the most meaningful learning experience of my university career. As a graduate student, I had the opportunity to engage talented scholars from diverse academic fields. Victorian, Modernist, and Structuralist foci propelled my own research objectives, the theological-aesthetical 'grounds' of Gerard Manley Hopkins's poetics. The practical benefits of my studies include a new approach to my college teaching practice, the publication of my first journal article, and the presentation of a paper at an aesthetics conference. Brock's MA in English was conducive to my overall development as a teacher, student, and person, allowing me to expand my literary interests and achieve scholarly goals."

Carmelo Tropiano, MA expected in Spring 2009

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