Crossing Borders 2013 Conference Program

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Crossing Borders 2013 Conference Program

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Thursday 14 March
Location: Pond Inlet (Mackenzie Chown J-Block)

Opening Reception and Welcoming Remarks Keynote Address: The 2013 Brock-Fulbright Lecture sponsored by Art and Val Fleming

“From Homeland to Bordered Lands? Great Lakes Geopolitics and Odawa Family History after 1815” Professor Susan Gray, Arizona State University Fulbright Research Chair in Transnational Studies

Friday 15 March
8:30am-9:00am Coffee in The Dr. Charles A. Sankey Chambers (Mackenzie Chown A-Block)
9:00am-10:15am SESSION ONE
Cairns 207
Panel Chair: Patricia Fietz (American Consulate)
William Fortin
“Evangelical Christians as an Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy”
Lea Puechel
“Americanization of Canadian Political Culture: Sneaky but Steady? How Political Scholars Show a Fallacy in Their Reasoning”
Sara Akrami
“The Foreign Policy of the United States Toward Iran During the Reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi the Last King of Iran”
Tyler McCormick (Brock) “Canada-US Border: The Challenges of Effective Trade”
Sankey Chambers
Panel Chair: tba
Bobbie Thoman
“Municipal Composting: The Cure to a Garbage Epidemic”
Giananthony Gallo
“Examining Border Realities: A Way Forward”
Kenneth Lambert
“International Comparisons: Disability Rights in the US and Canada”
Location: Boardroom Panel Chair: Prof. Marian Bredin (Brock)
Adam Nadeau
“The Ideological Origins of the War of 1812”
Tyler Marr
“Exhibit A, 1812: The War of 1812 Gallery and the Niagara Falls History Museum”
Dawn Westwater
"The Impacts of Founding on Identity: Canada and the United States of America."
Andy Cameron
“The Fifty-First State?”
10:15am-10:30am Break
10:30am-11:45am SESSION TWO
Location: Boardroom Panel Chair: tba
Benjamin Hoy
“Quantifying First Nations Movements through the Canadian/American Borderlands 1867-1914.”
Wade Hunt
"Deleuze-Guatarrian Nomadology and Souvankham Thammavongsa’s Found"
Guylaine Petrin
“The Impact of the Colored Corps on the Citizenship and Integration of Black Immigrants”
Hannah Jocelyn
"Liminal Fiction: Annie Proulx and the Canada/United States Border"
Sankey Chambers
Panel Chair: Prof. Edelgard Mahant (York)
Herb Kauderer
“Two Inside Views of Canadian Arts Funding”
Shaunna Hubert
“Changing Constructs of Masculinity in North American During the Late-Nineteenth and Late-Twentieth Centuries”
Dylan S. McLean
“Un-American Rhetoric: Debate Over the 1995 Firearms Act in Canada”
Olivia Walker
“Policy, Practice and Content in the Canadian Magazine Industry”
Mackenzie-Chown D 350L
Panel Chair: Prof. Catherine Parayre (Brock)
Isabelle Fournier
"Des problèmes écologiques au-delà de la frontière canado-américaine"
Joel Therrien
“Double héritage, double effort : la communauté francophone de Welland et l'usine de coton sur la rue Empire”
Elizabeth Robinson
“Traversant les frontières linguistiques du Canada : Deux Provinces et leurs lois / reportages concernant l'usage du français”
“Both Sides of the Border: Fostering Transnational Collaboration, Innovation, Incubation, and Commercialization in Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Math (STEM) – Challenges and Benefits”
Cairns 207
Panel Chair: Dan Lynch (BioLinc, Brock)
Organized in association with BioLinc, Brock's new business, biotechnology, and biomanufacturing incubation facility, the session brings together researchers, private business partners, funding body representatives, and students for a round table discussion to brainstorm the opportunities for cross-border collaborations and funding mechanisms that support commercialization of technology-based products and services.
Part 1 Round Table Discussion: Panel Members: Sheila Young (Brock International), Dr. Yousef Haj-Ahmad (Norgen Biotek Corp., Biotechnology, Brock), Dr. John Wood (invited; International Education, U Buffalo), Dr. Andreea Botezatu (invited; CCOVI, Brock), Gillian Sheldon (Ontario Centres for Excellence)
Part 2 Presentation: Sheila Young, “The Canada-Brazil Science without Borders: An International Model of Cooperation to Expand Science, Technology, and Innovation through Educational Programs and Internships with Private Partners
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch at Alphie’s Bistro
1:30pm-2:30pm Keynote Address by Professor Emeritus Wesley Turner “The War of 1812: Perceptions and Reconsiderations”
2:30pm Closing Remarks

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