• Dr. Jason Black, Fulbright Research Chair teaching course on social activism at Brock this winter (D3)

    The Centre for Canadian Studies is thrilled to announce the return of Dr. Jason Black as Fulbright Research Chair in Canadian Studies.  Dr. Black is a professor and past Chair of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte who will be on campus for the winter term.  He will be teaching CANA 3V92 Social Activism and Culture in Canada and the United States on Wednesday evenings in D3.  This course is a cross-cultural study of social activism and its rhetorical functions in Canada and the United States.  Students will analyse how public communication texts and media representations such as speeches, manifestos, narratives, music, memoirs, and film reflect social change.  Case studies will be drawn from activism about race/ethnicity; Indigenous mascotting; gender and sexualities; and environmentalism. 

    Students interested in registering for this course should do so as soon as possible as we expect it to fill quickly.  We have crosslisted the course with Communications (COMM 3V92), Film (FILM 3V92), and Popular Culture (PCUL 3V92).

    For more information, contact or click here for the course promo.

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  • Canadian-American Studies program a window between neighbours

    Brock’s MA in Canadian-American Studies program was recently featured in The Brock News.  The article highlights the unique qualities of this program as well as student experience.

    Click here to read the article

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  • Congratulations to Professor Gregory Betts!

    Poet and author Gregory Betts has been publishing cutting edge literature for 18 years and has released seven books and 18 chapbooks from the best avant-garde presses across North America. Not only is he a successful author, Betts is a genuine activist for the literary community in St. Catharines. Since arriving in 2006 to teach at Brock University, Betts has organized events that have brought hundreds of the best authors from around the world to St. Catharines. Gregory has been a tireless advocate for literature and has helped to foster and create a robust literary community in the city, working as an artist, volunteer, and organizer of all things cultural. His work has culminated in the establishment of a new literary festival of which Betts is artistic director. The Festival of Readers is a three-day literary extravaganza that brought over 40 authors to the city in October 2016 and attracted over 400 people. With this festival, not only has he built a stage for the best literature in the country, but he has insisted that the focus of that stage be for developing and encouraging readers in the city of St. Catharines.  Gregory received the Jury’s Pick Award from the City of St. Catharines during their Arts Awards evening held on June 5, 2017.

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