Two Days of Canada

CALL FOR PAPERS: Two Days of Canada Conference 2019: Canadian Screens

November 7-9, 2019, Brock University

The annual Two Days of Canada conference program committee is seeking proposals for papers that explore the shifting terrain of contemporary Canadian screens.  As a reprise of the engaging gathering of scholars and researchers at ‘Two Days of Canada 2006: Television in Canada,’ we hope to survey the current state of research on texts and contexts across the multiple sites and screens that have emerged from within and beyond the traditional terrain of television.  Contemporary Canadian screens include television, film, web platforms, social media, digital games and cell phones, among others.    How is content being produced, consumed, interpreted, circulated and regulated across these various screen spaces?  What are the historical, social, political, cultural and technological contexts shaping Canadian screen production and consumption?  How can traditional film and television theory be applied to emerging screen texts and practices?  What research methodologies and critical approaches are best adapted to the study of contemporary Canadian screens? ‘Two Days of Canada 2019: Canadian Screens’ presents an exciting interdisciplinary venue for exploring these key questions.

See below for access to CFP including conference topics, submission format and deadlines.