CANA graduates and testimonials

“As a mature student, I was looking to pursue part-time undergraduate studies, not as a career move, but simply for the pleasure of learning.  I chose Canadian Studies because it encompasses many disciplines – history, politics, sociology, the environment, gender, and Indigenous studies – giving me the flexibility to focus my coursework to suit my personal research interests.

Because the Canadian Studies degree is offered as a co-major, you interact with students from a variety of other programs.  The seminar exchanges can be lively and engaging because there are so many diverse perspectives at the table; I often found myself reflecting on discussions long after I left the seminar room.

I appreciate the close-knit nature of the Centre for Canadian Studies.  Faculty and staff are always happy to provide personal attention, support, and encouragement.  The professors are experts in their field, and it’s not unusual to see them quoted in a newspaper or view them on screen.  For a small department, they organize an impressive number of events and conferences, providing students the opportunity to present research papers and hear from guest speakers.

For me, Canadian Studies has enriched my mind, made me a more informed citizen, and allowed me to think critically about the kind of country Canada is, and should be.”

– Sarah Cavanagh (BA Hons)

“Experiencing Canadian Studies at Brock University is very rewarding. Not only does the program provide plenty of opportunities to uncover how Canadians see their country through a variety of perspectives, but also how Canada is seen beyond its borders.”

– Colin Landon (BA Hons, 2021)

The Canadian Studies department at Brock University initially piqued my attention because of its focus on the study of Indigenous and other cultures which are deeply embedded within Canada’s history. Initially I took my first CANA course as an elective, but due to the passion of the professors and the depth of information provided, I soon realized that many of the courses in the CANA department directly aligned with my belief in and passion for social equity.

As a result of the amazing and intuitive course offerings I feel that I am more aware of the historical and present day problems that we as Canadians must confront, especially in relation to the maltreatment of our Indigenous citizens.  This has become even more pertinent as investigations of residential schools and spotlighting of the poor conditions by which many Indigenous communities live become more frequent in mainstream media.  As a result, I am able to contribute unique viewpoints to my academic, personal and professional endeavours that is representative of these systematic disparities.  The research and writing skills utilized as a Canadian Studies student act as invaluable tools students can bring forward into many different career paths, and I am proud and honoured to say that I have been a part of this department.

Due to my involvement with the Centre for Canadian Studies at Brock, I have had the opportunity to engage in research for the department, have attended numerous student conferences and had the chance to present my work, and most excitedly have had my work accepted for publication in a transnational university journal as a result.  All these opporunities have enriched my university experience tremendously, and as a student mentor I take great pride in recommending engagmenet with the Centre for Canadian Studies in any way possible due to the amazing experiences I have had.”

– Beverly Marsden (BPH Hons)

“I am honored to be an international student in the Canadian Studies program, which gave me a deeper understanding and experience of living in Canada from a social and humanity perspective. From history, politics to culture, Canadian Studies provides a multi-dimensional approach to cover the cognition of Canada, whether it is Indigenous history, the current diverse culture environment, or the basic political knowledge of Canada. Lastly, Brock’s Canadian Sudies has an excellent and enthusiastic faculty. I am very grateful to them for successfully helping me through my entire academic career at university.”

– Zhongyuan Yu (BA, 2021)