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Graduate Student Focus

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Our students will gain in-depth training, knowledge and research experience through their thesis work while also benefiting from the broad, cross-disciplinary approach followed not only in the course work but in the scope and diversity of the research options available.

Since our Faculty's Masters’ program began in 2001 we have graduated:


Over 75 MA students – Click here for a catalogue of MA students and their thesis topics. 

Over 75 MSc students – Click here for a catalogue of MSc students and their thesis topics

Rebecca MacPherson | PhD in AHS | Health Biosciences

As a PhD student, Rebecca MacPherson's doctoral thesis investigated the regulation of metabolism. Specifically her study focused on how a family of proteins, know as PLIN protein, may or may not be involved with storing fat in muscles. At the end of her academic term as a PhD student with Dr. Sandra Peters, MacPherson was recognized nationally for her work in exercise and muscle research. Her PhD thesis was also accepted and published in a peer review journal.

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Lauren Hamilton | MSc in AHS | Kinesiology

Hanging in the balance, Lauren's research investigates the neural and mechanical control of balance recovery in older and younger adults. Through her independent research experience during her undergraduate degree, she was able to narrow in on her research possibilities. Working with supervisor Dr. Craig Tokuno, Lauren will work on her thesis which looks at the changes in postural control with age.

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Daniele Chirico | PhD in AHS | Health Biosciences

Lindsay Cline | PhD in AHS | Behavioural & Population Health

Reflecting on exercise motivation and body image, Lindsay’s research examines factors that motivate young adult women to engage in regular physical activity. Her doctoral research with supervisor Dr. Kim Gammage was recognized by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

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Yasmeen Mezil | MSc in AHS | Kinesiology

Understanding physical activity at the cellular level, Yasmeen’s research examines the systemic effects of exercise on osteoblast activity. Working with Dr. Nota, Klentrou, Yasmeen’s graduate research will help promote and inform populations about the benefits that physical exercise has on bone health. Outside the realm of academics, Yasmeen is a painter that looks to express herself through oils and acrylics. Her passions have yet to cross-paths, but who knows, maybe one day she will find a link between bone health and painting!

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Kevin Anstruther | MA in AHS | Sport Management

Scott Crozier | MSc in AHS | Kinesiology

Understanding a trainer’s edge from a performance and psychological perspective, Scott’s graduate research investigates the “Effect of Trainer Muscularity and Expertise on Self-Presentational Concerns, Body Image, and Performance in College Men during One-Repetition Maximum Testing”. Working with supervisors Kim Gammage and David Gabriel, his research blends training and maximal performance with issues related to psychology and situational factors related to performance.

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Jon Choptiany | MSc in AHS | Kinesiology

Mary-Theresa Usuanlele | MSc in AHS | Health Sciences

Rooted in the development of school-age children, Mary-Theresa's research looks at soil-transmitted helminthic infections, nutrition and growth in school-age children from rural communities in Honduras. Working with Dr. Ana Sanchez, her data collection consisted of a cross-sectional study in several rural communities of the department of Olancho, Honduras, while the analysis and interpretation was done back in the facilities at Brock. 

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Deborah Jehu | MSc in AHS | Kinesiology

Researching how to stay in the upright position, Deborah's graduate research has examined the effects of exercise on balance in older adults to help reduce the pandemic of falls in this population. Working with Dr. Allan Adkin, her research is conducted in the Balance and Gait Laboratory to conduct balance tests that range from stance, stance-related all the way to walking tests using the Swaystar apparatus to collect data.  

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Patti Millar | MA in AHS | Sport Management

Looking beyond the front lines, Patti’s research uncovers the off-the-field performance and development of Canadian sport managers. Working with supervisor Dr. Julie Stevens, Patti’s research isolates the need for continual workforce development within Canadian sport organizations.

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David Allison | MSc in AHS | Kinesiology

Monitoring the molecules, David's research examines the potential for molecular interference on nerve function. Findings are applicable to special populations with chronically elevated levels of particular molecules, such as cytokines. Working with supervisor Dr. David Ditor, David's study impacts individuals with spinal cord injured individuals, using a sample population that is able bodied.

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Ryan Howard | PhD in AHS | Social and Cultural Health Sciences

Getting to the bottom of how we exist in nature, Ryan's research focuses on sense of place attachment from an outdoor recreation and environmental connection standpoint. Supervised by Drs. Tim O'Connell and Mary Breunig, his research is conducted through qualitative interviews and interaction with participants while they are in the natural environment.

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Samantha Dear | MA in AHS | Leisure Studies

Looking beyond the positive impacts of International Service Learning (ISL) programs on participants, Sam's research answers new questions and criticisms surrounding the relationship between ISL programs, the communities they serve, and the service projects in which they engage. Working with academic supervisor Dr. Erin Sharpe, Sam contributed to development of the first international program in the Recreation and Leisure Department.

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Carly Barron | MSc in AHS | Health Sciences

 Carly's research focuses on examining the expression of glucose transporter (GLUT) proteins in lung, breast and prostate cancer. Supervised by Dr. Evangelia Tsiani, she conducts research in collaboration with the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, ON.

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Peter Gardner | MA in AHS | Sport Management

Peter's research focuses on Sport Specific Arbitration: A Qualitative Investigation of Four Athletes’ Perceptions of the Fairness of the Process. His supervisor Hilary Findlay introduced him to the area of sport and law and that is how his research passion developed. 

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Danielle Smith | MA in AHS | Sport Management

Danielle's research focuses on understanding the lack of interest in the sport of lacrosse in Canada. Supervised by Dr. Cheri Bradish and Dr. Craig Hyatt, her thesis explored a study of nonfans and fans of the National Lacrosse Leagues' Edmonton Rush. 

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