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In the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock University, we believe teaching excellence promotes meaningful student learning.

We have a proud tradition of teaching excellence at Brock and our faculty members know that learning is best encouraged by quality teacher-student relationships.

As a result, our professors, instructors and teaching assistants try to create environments which nurture students’ sense of belonging while incorporating relevant, meaningful content into classes.

Our learning facilities are of the highest quality and include spacious lecture halls, comfortable seminar rooms, specialized labs and activity spaces. Additionally, since our campus is situated on the Niagara Escarpment, an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, some of our courses are even offered outdoors.

To encourage success, student’s are offered numerous opportunities to engage in Experiential Education which helps to reinforce the theory-practice relationship.

Class Notes

Faculty Teaching Award Recipients

The 3M National Teaching Fellowship is Canada’s most prestigious recognition of excellence in educational leadership and teaching at the university and college level.

In 1986, the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and 3M Canada partnered to recognize exceptional contributions to teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary education.

The community of 3M National Teaching Fellows embodies the highest ideals of teaching excellence and scholarship with a commitment to encourage and support the educational experience of every learner.

Up to ten Fellowships are selected annually.

  • 2016 Tim O’Connell, RECL
  • 2004 Lorne Adams, (retired) KINE
  • 2003 Maureen Connolly, KINE
  • 2001 Anna Lathrop, KINE

The Brock University Award for Distinguished Teaching is presented annually to a faculty member who, in the opinion of his or her peers, has made an outstanding contribution to the teaching and learning environment at Brock University.

  • 2012 Tim O’Connell, RECL
  • 2011 Nancy Francis, KINE
  • 2010 Brent Faught, HLSC
  • 2009 James Mandigo, KINE
  • 2002 Maureen Connolly, KINE
  • 2000 Anna Lathrop, KINE

Brock Chancellor’s Chairs for Teaching Excellence are individuals who have demonstrated exceptional promise of outstanding contributions to post-secondary teaching, learning, and/or educational technology and/or have established an exemplary record of achievement in this important aspect of university endeavour.

  • 2018 Jenn Salfi, NURS
  • 2016 Paula Gardner, HLSC
  • 2016 Kirsty Spence and Shannon Kerwin, SPMA
  • 2015 Mary Breunig, RECL
  • 2013 Erin Sharpe, RECL
  • 2012 Brent Faught and Madelyn Law, HLSC
  • 2012 Tim O’Connell, RECL and Anna Lathrop, KINE
  • 2010 Maureen Connolly and Gail Frost, KINE

The Don Ursino Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Large Classes is awarded to an outstanding teacher who demonstrates commitment to the improvement of student learning in a large class.

  • 2011 Brent Faught and Madelyn Law, HLSC

The Brock University Award for Excellence in Teaching for Early Career Faculty recognizes the contributions to teaching undertaken by a new faculty member who is in the first five years of a tenure-track position.

  • 2018 Rebecca MacPherson, HLSC
  • 2015 Adam MacNeil, HLSC
  • 2014 Paula Gardner, HLSC
  • 2009 Mary Breunig, RECL

Faculty Awards for excellence in Teaching are given to full-time members of the teaching faculty who have completed three years of employment at Brock University and who have been nominated.

A faculty member may only win the award once in his/her career. Awards are adjudicated within each Faculty.

Here is a list of the FAHS recipients:

  • 2018 Paula Gardner, HLSC
  • 2017 Kirsty Spence, SPMA
  • 2016 Jae Patterson, KINE
  • 2015 Madelyn Law, HLSC
  • 2014 Mary Breunig, RECL
  • 2013 Cheri Bradish, SPMA
  • 2012 Erin Sharpe, RECL
  • 2011 Tim O’Connell, RECL
  • 2010 Brent Faught, HLSC
  • 2009 James Mandigo, KINE
  • 2008 Hilary Findlay, SPMA
  • 2007 Gail Frost, KINE
  • 2006 Ana Sanchez, HLSC
  • 2005 Melanie MacNeil
  • 2004 Ryan Plummer
  • 2003 Lorne Adams, KINE
  • 2002 Nancy Francis, KINE

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