Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Perer Tiidus Dean of FAHS

It is both a privilege and an honour to serve the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences in the position of Dean. I began in this leadership role on July 1, 2015, and since then, have had the pleasure of meeting numerous students, alumni, community, and research partners in a variety of contexts.

The outstanding achievements and contributions of all our constituents continue to impress me. Our Brock community is truly working to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities, in Niagara and around the world. The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences is proud of its many community connections throughout the Niagara Region and beyond which facilitate the education of our students and which also give back meaningfully to our community partners.

We are a diverse Faculty with five departments; Nursing, Health Sciences, Sport Management, Recreation and Leisure Studies and Kinesiology. These departments offer diverse perspectives on the broad nature of the science and art of health, sport and physical activity, their related professions and their interactions and administrative organizations in a variety of contexts.

Our faculty has a rich history of excellence and innovation in education with many winning national awards for their work. We are leaders in experiential education, as a vital adjunct to classroom learning, and all of our students have opportunities to apply the knowledge they acquire in the classroom in practical real-life situations. We also have a wide variety of graduate research and applied programs that further the educational and career aspirations of our students.

Our faculty conduct world class research which serves to advance knowledge in the many fields in which we work. These outstanding scholars also ensure that our graduate Masters and Doctoral students have the best education possible. Every day, our undergraduate and graduate students have opportunities to learn from and be inspired by these leading scholars who are advancing the health and well being of individuals and making the world a better place to live.

We are also extremely proud of our large and accomplished Brock alumni family, many of whom have outstanding careers and accomplishments which in one way or another contribute to this goal. Many of our alumni also give back to the Brock and the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences communities in many ways. To show our appreciation and stay connected, we host several annual events for our students, community partners and alumni.

I look forward to continued opportunities to connect with many of you and hearing about how your Brock experience has helped shape your lives.


Dr. Peter Tiidus, Dean

Strategic Plan to 2025

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Strategic Plan to 2025 builds on our current strengths and initiatives with emphasis on the forward looking aspects of FAHS programs and new program developments.

The FAHS strategic plan was developed to complement the Brock University Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2025, which was approved by the Brock University Senate and Board of Trustees at the end of 2018.

Annual Events

Each academic year, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences host numerous events which engage and celebrate our students, alumni and community partners.

This annual event recognizes our high achieving students, not only those who have been named to the Dean’s Honours List, but also those undergraduate and graduate students within our faculty who have received prestigious awards or recognition during the previous academic year.

This event typically happens in early December.

Qualification criteria for the Deans’ Honours List

Undergraduate students are placed on the Deans’ Honours List if they have completed five credits with an average of 80 per cent on those credits. The student will be considered for the Dean’s Honours List recognition when the 5, 10, 15 and 20 credit level is surpassed. All credits within the milestone must be completed at Brock (i.e., no transfer courses). Only undergraduate degree credits are used in the calculation of the milestone.

This annual event acknowledges the commitment of time, effort and mentorship that community partners have provided to our students through experiential education as well as our collaborative partners who contribute to producing the highest quality research within our faculty.

Each year, we also recognize one partner with a special award for their long-standing contributions to our faculty.

This event typically happens in early April.


During the fall Brock Homecoming we often plan Department and Faculty specific alumni events, including reunion celebrations. For a list of upcoming events, visit

Alumni Days

Alumni Days are often opportunities to spend the day reconnecting with your Department through in-class and out-of-class activities including panel discussions, presentations, and networking socials.

The days bring together alumni, faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students to consider current topics in your field.

Information regarding Alumni days are typically shared through direct email.

If you are an alum and would like to receive information, please ensure we have your most current contact info.

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