Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Disability Studies

Centre for Applied Disability Studies

Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Disability Studies

Students can choose to specialize in Applied Behaviour Analysis or have no field of specialization (more information here). In addition to course work and practicum placements, the MA program requires the student to complete an original research study and write an MA thesis under the supervision of a key faculty member and a thesis committee. The MA program is highly competitive with enrolment in the MA program currently limited to 5-7 new students per year. It is geared towards students who are interested in research careers and perhaps pursuing a Ph.D. For the MA, preference is given to students who apply for full-time status. Full-time students who are accepted into this program will be entitled to the stipends and bursaries typically awarded to Brock full-time graduate students. MA students may choose to specialize in ABA, and take our BACB approved ABA courses that is needed in order to become eligible for certification as a BCBA after completing their degree and experience hours.


ABA Program
Students in our MA, M.ADS and Diploma programs may choose to specialize in ABA. Our ABA course sequence is approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Students who complete our ABA course sequence meet the course requirements to become Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs).R As part of the coursework, ABA students have to opportunity to gain practical experience through a 300 hour practicum placement. There are many jobs for BCBAs, particularly, but not exclusively in Autism Spectrum Disorders. CADS was the first grad program in Ontario to offer an approved course sequence and our pass rate on the BCBA examination is significantly above average.

General Program
Students with interests in teaching, community –based programming, health care, therapeutic and other services and support across the lifespan and a variety of disabilities, inclusive and accessible environments, and advocacy and social justice will enjoy the professional, personal and scholarly challenges offered by the critical disabilities orientation within the general program option of the Applied Disability Studies degree. This option provides interdisciplinary, socio-political, cultural, and foundational scholarship written by scholars with disabilities about issues of relevance for persons with disabilities. The course bank also includes opportunities for qualitative and blended research methods, writing conventions, internships and a Major Research Paper (MRP). This program option provides students with both theoretical and applied experiences in a variety of online, hybrid and face to face contexts and allows students to develop skills in research, leadership, writing, analysis, multi-media literacy, networking and advocacy.


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