Valdeep Saini

Associate Professor

Ph. D., BCBA-D

Office: TH 146F
905-688-5550 x3950

Behaviour Science Lab

Research Gate – Valdeep Saini

Valdeep Saini is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Disability Studies. He specializes in behaviour analysis and pediatric and behavioural psychology. He has over 10 years of experience working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders across a variety of settings including intensive outpatient clinics, mental-health facilities, and school-based programs.

Dr. Saini’s primary research interest is in the application of applied behaviour analysis to the assessment and treatment of behaviour disorders, including pediatric feeding disorders. Dr. Saini’s approach prioritizes improving the longevity of behavioural interventions by integrating the findings of laboratory research to clinical applications of behaviour therapy. This research is executed in both clinical contexts such as with individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, as well as in human-laboratory settings.

Dr. Saini has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers in over 10 different behavioral and/or psychology journals, including the Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis and the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour. Dr. Saini was the 2021 recipient of the Outstanding Research Award from the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis.

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Our lab focuses on the translation of experimental analyses of behaviour to areas of social importance. Our approach encompasses a broad spectrum of research, extending from basic discoveries with implications for human health to community-based epidemiological studies. The unifying theme is a commitment to apply scientific methodologies to address behavioural needs of public interest. Some of our current research includes:

    • Refinements of functional analysis methodology and evaluating function-based interventions for individuals with severe behaviour disorders
    • Environmental factors that influence the generalization and maintenance of behavioural interventions, including factors that affect treatment relapse
    • Advancing the current understanding and application of behaviour analysis to the treatment of pediatric feeding disorders

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Saini, V., Sullivan, W. E., Craig, A. R., DeRosa, N. M., Rimal, A., Derrenbacker, K., & Roane, H. S. (2021). Responding fails to extinguish during human-laboratory experiments of resurgence. The Psychological Record, 71(3), 325–336. 00469-8

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