Undergraduate Courses

Our Department offers a suite of upper level online undergraduate courses in Applied Disability Studies and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

These courses are for current Brock students (electives) as well as for students from other universities who do not meet the minimum admissions requirements for entry into the Masters in Applied Disability Studies (M.ADS) program.

Please review all of the information provided.

For Brock University students

  1. If you have not yet convocated nor completed your studies at Brock > You can register in these courses as an undergraduate student. To do so, please fill out this form to request an override. To take these courses students must have completed 12.5 credits and have permission from your department/academic advisor so as to ensure these courses will meet with your degree requirements. Please feel free to contact Brandy Sokoloski for course advising prior to registering.
  2. If you have not convocated, but have completed your degree requirements > You may register for additional courses. Once you have registered, please contact records@brocku.ca directly to request that these courses be flagged as upgrading courses as they are not to be used toward your undergraduate degree. Be sure to include your full name and student number, using your Brock email for correspondence. Please feel free to contact Brandy Sokoloski for course advising prior to registering.
  3. If you have convocated and wish to return to studies > You will need to have an upgrading segment added to your file. Please email records@brocku.ca directly to request being admitted as an upgrading student. Be sure to include your full name and student number, using your Brock email for correspondence. Please feel free to contact Brandy Sokoloski for course advising prior to registering.

For potential M.ADS applicants and/or those who were recommended to take the ADS online undergraduate upgrading courses and/or students with undergraduate degrees from other universities

  1. Students interested in completing the undergraduate courses – who hold a University Degree from another institution must apply as “Upgrading”. Apply here.
  2. After applying as upgrading with Brock University or being reinstated as upgrading with Brock University, students must also complete the Undergraduate Upgrading Course Supplemental Application. Students will be required to upload a copy of all transcripts to that form. This will provide you with an suite of required courses; successful completion of which will strengthen your M.ADS application only.
  3. Official transcript(s) showing degree(s) conferred must be sent to Brock directly from the issuing institution to:
    Brock University Office of the Registrar- Admissions
    1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
    St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1 Canada

Note: It is recommended you request more than one copy of your transcript(s). You will be required to provide Brock University with an official copy as well as uploading a copy of your transcript(s) to the supplemental application.

Course Descriptions (from Undergraduate Calendar):


ADST 4P00 – Foundations in Applied Disability Studies – Introduction to a broad spectrum of disability studies and literature authored by persons with disabilities.

ADST 4P90 – Applied Behaviour Analysis Across the Lifespan – Introduction to the science of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) as applied to persons with disabilities, their families, caregivers and teachers.


ADST 4P50 – Disability and Society – Theoretical, philosophical and practical issues facing persons with disabilities examined from a strengths-based model emphasizing diversity, identity and empowerment.

ADST 4P91 – Applied Behaviour Analysis Across the Lifespan II – Further study in applied behaviour analysis (ABA) emphasizing interpretation and critical analysis of ABA research, and use of behaviour analytic framework as applied to effective interventions for people with disabilities.

ADST 4P95 – Research Methods in Applied Disability Studies – Overview of quantitative and qualitative approaches, methodologies, and designs used in research relating to or including persons with disabilities.

Important Notes:

Successful completion of the recommended undergraduate upgrading courses allow M.ADS applicants who previously did not meet the minimum entry criteria to be considered for admission to the M.ADS program. It is highly recommended applicants achieve a minimum of a 80% average in each of their undergraduate upgrading courses to be considered eligible applicants for M.ADS. Note that successfully completing the upgrading courses with 80% averages does not guarantee M.ADS admission.

Our courses are highly sought after with limited enrolment. There is no static deadline for applications for the undergraduate courses. However, if you would like to commence courses in September, we recommended your application be completed by July 1.

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