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Our Department houses a suite of upper level online undergraduate courses in Applied Disability Studies and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

These courses will be scheduled provided that there is adequate interest – please assist us by providing more information – ADS will contact students if we are able to proceed.

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    ADST 4P00 - Foundations in Applied Disability Studies - Introduction to a broad spectrum of disability studies and literature authored by persons with disabilities.
    ADST 4P50 - Disability and Society - Theoretical, philosophical and practical issues facing persons with disabilities examined from a strengths-based model emphasizing diversity, identity and empowerment. Prerequisite ADST 4P00.
    ADST 4P90 - Applied Behaviour Analysis Across the Lifespan - Introduction to the science of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) as applied to persons with disabilities, their families, caregivers and teachers.
    ADST 4P91 - Applied Behaviour Analysis Across the Lifespan II - Further study in applied behaviour analysis (ABA) emphasizing interpretation and critical analysis of ABA research, and use of behaviour analytic framework as applied to effective interventions for people with disabilities. Prerequisite ADST 4P90.
    ADST 4P95 - Research Methods in Applied Disability Studies - Overview of quantitative and qualitative approaches, methodologies, and designs used in research relating to or including persons with disabilities.
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