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Examinations in Spring 2018 first term (UG D1, D2) will run Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2. The examination timetable for first term will be posted the week of May 7.

Examinations in Spring 2018 second term (UG D1, D3) will run on Friday, July 6 and Saturday, July 7. The examination timetable for second term will be posted the week of June 11.

Examinations for Summer 2018 term will run on Saturday, August 18. The examination timetable for Summer will be posted the week of July 23.

Note that not all courses will have an examination.

* Accelerated or Special Duration courses: some accelerated or special duration courses schedule exams immediately after the last day of class. Please contact your instructor once classes begin to determine if there will be an examination in your course and when the exam will be scheduled.

*On-line Courses: students registered in on-line courses may be required to write tests and/or exams at Brock, St. Catharines campus. Contact your instructor to determine if a test and/or exam will be required. If an test/exam is required, and you live more than 150km away from Brock St. Catharines campus, you are eligible to write at an off-campus location. See the distance exams page for more information:

If you are planning to write a test or exam at a distance, please ensure you start searching for a proctor early in the course. Proctoring information will normally be due at least 10 business days (14 business days for International student requests) before the test or exam. Exams or tests must be written at the same date and time as the Brock campus site, unless given an exception in writing from the instructor.

If you live within 150km of Brock, you must write your examination for on-line courses at Brock campus.

The timetable will be updated on a regular basis.

Please Check for Changes to Your Courses

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