Graduate Diploma in Game Studies

The Graduate Diploma in Game Studies offers a pathway to a graduate level credential in Game Studies without producing a Thesis or Major Research Project. Typically, this pathway is offered on a full-time basis.

The Graduate Admissions Committee will review all applications and recommend admission for a limited number of candidates.

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of a four-year Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent in a relevant discipline, or demonstration of experience studying and/or designing games, with an average of not less than 80% in the final 10 credits of undergraduate study. Students entering the program are expected to have foundational knowledge in game studies and/or design.

Diploma Requirements

Students pursuing the Graduate Diploma pathway are required to take six half-credit courses: the two core courses (GAME 5P01 and GAME 5P02) and four elective courses. Students may select one half-credit course elective from another program with approval from the graduate program director.