Students within the Department of Digital Humanities have had the opportunity to work on some great projects.

Below is a small selection of the projects students and faculty in the DH have completed in recent years.



A 4th year group project (GAME in 2021), Shadow from the Falls is a first person atmospheric horror game inspired by the graphics of the Playstation 1. Experience a new feeling of dread as you attempt to rid Niagara of the ghosts haunting it.

Guardian Angel for Hire Logo


A 4th year group project (GAME 2021), Guardian Angel for Hire is a timed 3D puzzle game that follows brand-new guardian angel Tamiel on their first day of work. To learn the ropes of the new job, Tamiel is tasked with protecting Reginald, an accident-prone old man, from a series of strange deaths.

Super Confused News

A 4th year group project (IASC in 2021), Super Confused News is a puzzle game requiring you, a journalist working in a city filled with super-powered beings, to make the distinction of who is at fault for the many incidents caused around the city. Working with police reports, eyewitness statements, and a slew of supernatural gadgets, it is up to you to produce factual reports. Along the way, you might learn a thing or two about media literacy in your quest for truth, justice, and all that good stuff.

Shatter Keep

A 4th year group project (GAME 2021), Shatter Keep is an isometric multiplayer survival party game where 3 players are survivors attempting to escape the castle while being hunted by the fourth “monster” player, who is randomly selected at the beginning of each game.

Grimstone Screenshot shows characters battling monsters in a mine on a hex grid map.


A 4th year group project (from the first graduating class of GAME in 2020), Grimstone is an eldritch themed roguelike with tense turn-based combat on a hex-grid. Players explore levels of a corrupted mine to find the source of the mine’s madness and destroy it. As you explore, discover customizable abilities and bring back resources to upgrade their town and characters, restoring the town to its former glory.


SPY2K, created by the 2019 graduating IASC class, presented at the Level Up gaming showcase in Toronto.  The team used original music, voice work, character design, and animation in this head-to-head, spy vs. spy, game of industrial espionage. SPY2K is a two-player competitive game set in the late ‘90s era where Players engage in corporate espionage leading up to the Y2K threat. Send out your network of spies on missions and race your opponent to complete missions so your agency can benefit the most.


Created by a team of 3rd year GAME Students (Digital Details). Magehem is a competitive, virtual reality (VR), tower defense game where you duel your opponent with an arsenal of spells, minions, and potions to try and destroy the opponent’s tower. The game will involve rounds of combat with brief pauses in between for strategic planning. Players will use a dynamic spell-casting system that they will be able to customize, as well as potions and minions to defeat their opponent while defending their own tower.

Bad Manors screenshot with award ribbons and logo

Bad Manors

Created by a team of 3rd year GAME students (Expresso Games).  Three-time award winning, networked, head-2-head challenge.  Play as teenagers trying to outwit your spirit opponents in a haunted mansion.

Stop Running!

Stop Running!, created by the 2018 graduating IASC class, won the People Choice award at the Level Up gaming showcase in Toronto.  The team used original music, voice work, character design, and animation in this thrilling multi-player party game.  Playing as one of four hapless monsters, your objective is to keep away from the experience-hungry paladin and outlast the other players.

Munin - 3F00 Game Screenshot


Munin is a 3rd year side scrolling game developed by IASC 3F00.  Use the power of your players flashlight to disarm traps while you traverse the maze to reveal your players’ true identity.


Joustaposition, created by the 2017 graduating IASC Class won 2nd Place, People Choice award at the Level Up gaming showcase in Toronto.  The player versus player game features an original soundtrack and voice work that bring to life a future civilization’s hilariously inaccurate robotic reboot of the ancient sport of jousting.

Skrik & the Synapse

A 3D puzzle/platformer game developed by 3rd year IASC students in 2012.


Awaken, created by the 2013 graduating IASC class, won Best Game at the Level Up gaming showcase in Toronto held that same year. It was the first year an IASC class entered the competition.


Nightscape is an isometric detective game that follows Danielle Thompson through her never ending line of murders in the little town of Brighton. Her job is to find out who Null is and stop him from murdering the whole town! Join Danielle in her journey to stop Null and reclaim Brighton!

Arduino Project

Sponsored by IBM Canada, this project was a collaboration between students from Computer Science (BSc), Education (MEd) and Interactive Arts & Science (BA).

The student team built an autonomous rover — a simplified version of NASA’s Mars Rover — and wrote an instructional guide that is part of an open-sourced, inexpensive kit for students to take home, build and learn from.

The Arduino programming kit will be distributed by IBM Canada, free of charge, to Grade 8 students across Canada.

Published on February 8, 2016
Students in the Brock University Design Studio (BUDS) program work on a rover prototype as part of an IBM partnership.

Videos and animation

The Curious Lamp — animation

HUE — IASC 3f91 film project

The Greatest battle — using stop motion

Use your imagination — IASC FINAL project


Joustaposition Shark Mount

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