Student resources

In support of their studies, students in IASC and GAME programs can access a variety of Department of Digital Humanities resources, both online and on campus.

Academic support is available through your student academic advisor, the Brock University OneApp awards system, and the DH administrative assistant.

New students who wish to focus directly on interactive technologies are encouraged to pursue the Interactive Arts and Science BA Honours or BA Pass programs. Current students who are majoring in other disciplines at Brock are encouraged to consider the Combined Major and Minor pathways.

Here you can find online documents for our internship program and an overview of our experiential education opportunities.

The DH maintains industry standard computing resources as part of its facilities as well as online services such as software version control (Subversion, Gitlab), project management software (Hansoft), Office 365 tools (O365), equipment loan for course work and course-related project webhosting.