Teacher Perspectives on the Pandemic Study

We are currently recruiting Ontario school teachers to participate in our current study focusing on the experiences of teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participating teachers will be asked to complete 3 online surveys over the next 6 months. They will also have the choice to enter their name into a draw to participate in an interview at each time point. Please note that interview slots are limited.

To participate, you must be certified with the Ontario College of Teachers and have at least two years of teaching experience in Ontario.

Topics that may be in the survey include:

  • Personality
  • Mental health
  • Well-being
  • Social interactions
  • Burnout

Topics that may come up in the interview include:

  • Experiences as a teacher
  • How COVID-19 has impacted teaching experiences
  • Perfectionism in general and in the school environment specifically

For each completed survey, participants will receive a $20 CAD Amazon gift card. If interested and selected, participants will receive a $25 CAD Amazon gift card for each completed interview. 

This study has been reviewed by and received clearance from the Research Ethics Board at Brock University (20-321 ZINGA).

If you are interested, please email teapopstudy@brocku.ca